How To: Get A Sunkissed Glow

Applying bronzer is one of those things where its either a hit or miss! It can either make you look classy or trashy. Don’t panic! With caution and proper technique applying bronzer does not have to be so hard and can help you look like you just came from St. Tropez!

1. Choose The Best Bronzer
There are different types of bronzers (cream, gel, powder, cream) powder being the most common and the one that most woman are familiar with. The best choice is to opt for a bronzer that is matte with no shimmer, so as not to be obvious. I recommend NARS Laguna Powder Bronzer, for a gel bronzer I would use Lancรดme Flash Bronzer, and for a cream bronzer, Sally Hansen Cream Bronzer.

2. Apply Your Bronzer
You want to use a powder brush for a more natural glow or  a bronzer brush I use SEPHORA Collection Angled Blush Brush in #40 for a more precise application , again start on the apple of the cheek and blend up and outward towards the hairline and into the temple. Make sure to blend to get the most natural finish.

3. Blend, Blend, Blend
The most important part of applying any type of bronzer is to blend! You don’t want any harsh lines or streaks (how tacky). For the most believable and complimentary bronzy complexion be sure to blend any harsh edges! You can use your hands or even a sponge such as the Beauty Blender (I swear by this!).

4. For A Complete Look
Pair your sun kissed glow, with a blush ontop of your bronzer. A thin line of liquid liner, a coat of mascara!  
Don’t forget your nude lip, NARS Belle De Jour Lipstick.

One Response to “How To: Get A Sunkissed Glow”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for the tips!! I always need help with bronzers, I always get ones that are too orange and make me look like an orange, and I always apply it wrong

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